What is a Nano-Factory?

It is a fully flexible, software-controlled factory system that allows brands to manufacture products in any batch size (s), with any number of product SKUs, in any format.

Why D2C brands need it?

It allows D2C brands to manufacture & fulfil “On-Demand”. This changes the entire cost/value equation for brands:-

  1. Get to PMF fast and agile by releasing products in small-batches.
  2. Scale up with capital efficiency & leaner inventory.
  3. Develop differentiated products. Idea to product in months days.

Which products are supported?

Nano-Factory supports all major formats in health-foods and nutraceuticals viz. health powders, effervescence, tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, gummies, strips etc.

How does it work? Are my formulations safe?

  1. Product recipees are stored securely on cloud as ‘digital inventory’
  2. Manufactured On-Demand in batch sizes to suit your demand
  3. Product details encrypted using secure M2M protocols, remain secret
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Learn how you can leverage On-Demand Strategy for improved business outcomes


Product Incubator for Launch and Early Scale-up Production

Get to PMF Fast and Agile


Outsourced, On-Cloud Factory for Scale-up Production

Scale with Capital efficiency, leaner inventory

Test Batch

Outsourced, Pilot Plant for Test-Batches

Idea to Industrial Output in days