Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Leumas Way

Leumas is a digital manufacturing solution for brands in nutrition, cosmetics & pharma space, providing them On-Demand Manufacturing capability through its Digital Factory tech. Leumas Digital Factory tech. is a cyber-physical platform of software-controlled robotic production lines that are modular, configurable, and scalable.

Leumas’s platform enables brands manufacture On-Demand with unparalleled flexibility around batch-size, product mix, and formats. This innovative approach to manufacturing is unmatched in the industry, offering brands a forward-looking solution to traditional manufacturing limitations of volume, variety, and cost. Leumas also ensures the highest standards of product quality with its patented robotic preparation. Brands can go from concept to scale in record time and at a fraction of the cost with Leumas manufacturing suite.

Why Leumas and how do we help brands?

Legacy manufacturing solutions offered by contract manufacturers do not offer flexibility to brands in terms of batch size, MOQ, and product-mix due to inherent limitations of capacity, equipment technology and processes. This limits growth potential of brands as their working capital is stuck in purchasing and servicing product inventory. While launching new products is expensive and time consuming, fulfilling existing product lines is also difficult with excess inventory burden.

Leumas solves this with its Digital Factories solution that allows brands to produce on-demand, with full flexibility from concept to scale :

1. Launch slew of new products in small batches and get to (product                                                   level) PMF fast and at fraction of the cost.

2. Scale existing product lines with On-Demand Manufacturing and                                                   improve working capital flow with near zero product inventory.

3. Move Production Ops ‘On-Cloud’ with improved downstream                                                           efficiency and business outcomes.

Overview of the D2C Industry and why Leumas is more relevant today?

With the changing retail-mix and emerging of D2C models, more and more brands are recognising the need to successfully translate customer insights into products fast and win in fragmented consumer segments. This requires the agility to manufacture and fulfil high-mix product lines, while remaining inventory light. This is where Leumas’ Digital Factory solution comes in, offering brands the tech. capability to manufacture on-demand with unprecedented flexibility – from experimentation to scale.

Personalized product offerings, Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) models, push for premiumization across categories, and customers choosing niche products over mass-produced goods are additional tailwinds that makes Leumas’ value proposition increasingly relevant. We are excited to partner with progressive brands and enable them to deliver winning products through Digital Factories.

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